Confined Space in Construction – Student Supplement (pkg of 10)


Train construction workers on proper processes and precautions working in and around confined and permit-required confined spaces.


Construction workers often perform tasks in confined spaces such as pits, manholes, and crawl spaces which are not designed for continuous occupancy and can be very difficult to exit in the event of an emergency. Confined spaces can present life-threatening hazards including toxic substances, electrocutions, explosions, and asphyxiation. These hazards can largely be prevented if addressed prior to entering the space to perform work.

This booklet is designed to assist employers and employees in understanding the requirements for practices and procedures to protect employees engaged in construction activities at worksites with one or more confined spaces.

This 16-page booklet is an excellent resource to complement our training course, and addresses the following areas:

  • Contents of the OSHA standard (1926 Subpart AA)
  • General requirements
  • Hazards of confined spaces
  • Permit-required confined space program
  • Training
  • Duties of authorized entrants
  • Duties of attendants
  • Duties of entry supervisors
  • Emergency rescue
  • Personal protective equipment

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