Access to ALL of the videos produced by National Safety Compliance (over 100 English and Spanish videos) through Lynx Player for 1 year.


National Safety Compliance has available online, their entire library of safety training videos. Now it is easier than ever to provide accurate, up-to-date OSHA training for your employees. National Safety Compliance Inc is a leader in providing OSHA-based training videos which will help you meet OSHA requirements and help create a safer, more productive workplace for your employees. There are over 50 topics included in this package and each topic is available in English and Spanish.

No need to manage an inventory of DVD and CD discs. You as a trainer can have access with the free Lynx Player App to all of our training programs.  If you need to have access when your device is not online, you can download the programs for access for later use offline.

Each training program comes with a variety of printable materials specific to that topic. With your purchase of our online videos you will receive a link to download the free Lynx Player App where you will access the training videos and accompanying printable files with your email address and password setup at purchase. These files include the following items: program outline, employee quiz and answer key, pertinent OSHA regulation(s), site-specific information, training guide, training certificate, wallet cards, safety manual, PowerPoint presentation, and more. You will be able to print as many of each item as needed at any time.

With the purchase of this package you receive a 1-year license. Once you have purchased access you may download the videos to any device or multiple devices for viewing. When your access period has ended the “access certificate” will automatically cancel and you will no longer be able to view the video.

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