Healthcare workers face unique risks at work. Our safety training courses train workers to navigate a variety of hazards including bloodborne pathogens, back injuries, and compressed gases.

Popular Courses

No two healthcare workplaces are alike, but their common hazards are. Find all of the common healthcare workplace video training kits your industry peers are using.

Emergency Safety Courses

Healthcare facility staff may be keenly familiar with the equipment required for their job, however, regardless of if they are new employee in orientation or a seasoned veteran of the office, proper safety and operations training is critical to mitigating workplace risk.

Hazardous Material Courses

Handling hazardous materials is common in the healthcare industry, but safety and security protocols are key to its safe packaging, transport and use. Our video training kits give you everything you need to provide robust training as part of your safety plan.

Laboratory Safety Courses

Working in a laboratory often means handling delicate glass, hazardous chemicals and even bodily fluids. To maintain an efficient and safe laboratory workplace, proper training is crucial. Help your laboratory staff understand their workplace risks, hazards, and safety protocols with our laboratory orientation and video trainings.

Personal Safety Courses

In the healthcare industry, personal safety is paramount. Hazards like blood borne pathogens and sharp implements must be mitigated with strong training and safety protocol. Our series of video training kits will help keep build positive safety values and increase awareness of safe practices whether your staff are in an office or an OR.

Workplace Training Courses

Sexual harassment, workplace violence, repetitive stress injuries and substance abuse can lead to an unsafe or toxic workplace. Our video training kits tackle these topics sensitively to help you and your staff tackle bad habits and tricky situations.