Manufacturing & Warehousing

Manufacturing and warehouse associates work in bustling environments with heavy machinery, large materials, and elevated workspaces. A robust safety plan and strong training are crucial to maintaining a safe, OSHA compliant workplace.

Popular Training Courses

Our most popular manufacturing and warehouse safety training video kits will give you everything you need for a basic safety plan. Not sure which trainings you need? Take a hint from industry peers on which trainings are most frequently used.

Emergency Safety Training courses

A major part of any safety plan is emergency training. Even in the most cautious of workplaces, emergencies can happen. Protect your employees and equipment in unforeseen situations with training for a myriad of emergency situations.

Equipment Operation Safety Courses

Tools, equipment and machinery are a vital part of a functioning job site. However, to avoid costly and dangerous work injuries and accidents, proper training must me given on their operation and potential hazards. Foster safe attitudes and proper work procedure with these equipment safety trainings.

Fall Protection Courses

Elevated work areas, ladders, and slick surfaces are just a few of the many fall hazards in a typical workplace. Train your staff to be mindful of potentially dangerous fall risks and how to mitigate them.

HAZMAT & Environmental Safety Training Courses

A safe workplace means robust procedures for hazardous materials and other environmental risks. These video training kits cover everything you need to protect your workers from airborne, parthenogenic, environmental and materials-related risks.

Heavy Equipment Training Courses

Heavy machinery makes impossible tasks possible. Proper and thorough training of these machines use and hazards is the first step of any workplace safety plan. Protect your operators and staff in the area with our video training kits.

Lab Safety Training Courses

Laboratories are rife with unique hazards. Prepare your lab staff for emergency situations and how to handle the delicate but dangerous materials and glass they will encounter in a lab setting. Our video training kits contain everything you need to train new or seasoned laboratory professionals good safety habits and preparedness at work.

Personal Safety Training Courses

Safety may be a team effort, but it begins with individual responsibility. Build positive safety values and hazard awareness with orientation and individual safety training. Our video training kits contain everything you need to train new workers or give your seasoned staff a solid refresher.

Respiratory Safety Training Courses

Personal protective equipment like respirators must be used properly and in the right situations to protect your workers from serious harm. Teach your workers to recognize dangerous materials and air quality and help them advocate for the safety of themselves and others in our video training kits on respiratory safety gear.

Workplace Safety Training Courses

Hazards at work go beyond the production floor. Train all staff in important topics like workplace diversity, sexual harassment and proper ergonomic work forms to create a safe and healthy workplace free of emotional toxicity.