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Prepare now for 2024 Labor Law Updates

Federal and state lawmakers enacted a plethora of employment laws in 2023. The result was an unprecedented number of updates to required labor law postings. In addition to the typical Minimum Wage increases, many states passed pay transparency legislation, enhanced discrimination protections, restrictions or bans on non-compete agreements, and increased paid sick leave regulations.

As a result, forty states updated at least one of their labor law postings in 2023. In fact, over thirty states revised more than one, and several had four or more mandatory amendments to their posters this year. Additionally, several brand new required labor law posters were added in 2023.

New Labor Law Postings Added in 2023

While updates traditionally happen near the new year, 2023 was a year full of employment legislation resulting in updates all year long. This trend is likely to continue. The best way to ensure your business is always compliant is to order labor law posters now and choose our subscription option. The subscription renews yearly, offering the perfect solution to staying up to date with labor laws. You’ll automatically receive a new, yearly set of posters, hassle free. If there are any major, mandatory changes to the posters throughout the year, we will provide you complimentary updated copies with your subscription service.

The reality is at least a dozen states will increase minimum wage effective January 1, 2024. However, the changes will likely continue throughout 2024 which will lead to the need for replacement posters. In order to keep up, at National Safety Compliance, we monitor government websites daily and expect to continue to see updates from coast to coast. These poster revisions are expected to include discrimination, domestic violence leave, veterans benefits and services, paid sick leave and any number of other notices.

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