Scaffold Safety Informational Safety Poster


Any workplace environment utilizing scaffolds should also utilize scaffolding safety posters. This informational poster ensures all employees are fully informed on how to safely use scaffolds.


Scaffolds come with a lot of hazards and risks that aren’t widely known, like the possibility for falling, over loading, being struck by falling debris, or using unstable scaffolding. This informational poster informs employees on how to prevent all of those potential hazards and safely use scaffolds.

“Scaffolding Safety Falling is the number one hazard when working with scaffolds. Fall protection must be used on any scaffold 10 ft. or more above a lower level. Scaffolds and their components must be capable of supporting their own weight and at least four times their maximum intended load. Use the necessary protection to prevent being struck by falling objects such as tools, work material and debris. A scaffold becomes inherently unstable once its height is four times its minimum base dimension. Scaffolds should be built so that there is at least 10 ft. between it and any power line.”

This full color, laminated, safety poster is 18″ x 24″ with English or Spanish options available.

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