Food Safety & Personal Hygiene Training Streaming Subscription – English


This program will give your staff a clear understanding of proper food handling and personal hygiene techniques to prevent foodborne illnesses.

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Food, prepare it incorrectly and it can make us sick or even worse.  Food related illnesses are on the rise, but many can be prevented. The preparation and cooking of food has changed dramatically over the last 100 years. We have learned to never leave frozen meat on a kitchen counter at room temperature to thaw.   Scientific research has shown us that improper food handling, preparation, storage, and even bad personal hygiene can and will result in food poisoning or a food-borne illness. Food-borne illnesses are commonly caused by bacteria and viruses and are defined as any illness that results from eating contaminated food. Symptoms of foodborne illness include upset stomach, abdominal cramps, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and dehydration. Symptoms can be mild, but sometimes severe enough to require a hospital stay. Each year the Center for Disease Control estimates that in the United States alone, food-borne illnesses cause nearly 180 million illnesses, almost 500,000 hospitalizations, and over 6,000 deaths. Good personal hygiene and proper food handling play an important role in the health and well-being of not only yourself, but to those whom you also serve.   Many times, food-borne illness outbreaks are the result of contamination from those that handle the food.  Sanitary food handling, proper cooking, and refrigeration should prevent most food-borne illnesses.

Food Safety & Personal Hygiene Training Class Topic Overview:

  • Health codes
  • Your personal hygiene
  • The steps to handling food safely
  • Other safety rules when handling and preparing food
  • Conclusion

Our easy-to-use training kit provides all the materials you need for a successful food safety training class, including:

  • 22-minute Food Safety & Personal Hygiene training video developed by industry experts
  • Food safety PowerPoint Presentation for classroom use
  • Printable documents, including:
    • Training outline
    • Compliance Manual
    • Completion Certificate & Wallet Cards / ID card
    • Attendance Log / Sign-In Form
    • Employee Quiz and Answer Key
    • Kitchen, Restaurant & Food Service Supplemental Documents

Course Outcomes

After completing this course, workers should understand the fundamentals of food safety, personal hygiene, clean kitchen workspaces, and proper food handling techniques.

Who should take this course?

New food service employees and members of supervisory and management teams. This training can also be used as refresher course or to train the trainer.

Additional information

License Length

1-Year, 30-Day, 7-Day

Shareable (ie zoom, teams, etc)

NO, I do not need to share my screen when playing this video., YES, I need to share this video with a screen share app such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams


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