Drug and Alcohol Abuse: Employees Training Course Video Kit

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This training booklet will help employees learn about substance abuse and the impact of substance abuse on employees.

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Alcohol abuse and the use of illegal drugs is a major problem in the workplace. Substance abuse can hinder an employee’s ability to perform their job duties safely, accurately and efficiently. According to the Department of Labor, nearly three quarters of those who use illegal drugs also work and one in every ten people in the U.S. has an alcohol problem. Workplace drug and alcohol abuse are also serious problems in the workplace. This course will help your employees understand the dangerous and negative effects of drug and alcohol abuse in themselves and their co-workers. This training also serves to raise awareness to the warning signs of addiction and substance abuse problems at work and how they can seek help.

Drug & Alcohol Abuse for Employees Training Class Topic Overview:

  • Risk factors of drug and alcohol use
  • Signs of drug abuse & drug dependence
  • Recognizing substance self-abuse
  • Recognizing substance abuse in coworkers
  • Drug and substance abuse impact on employees
  • Understanding drug testing
  • Steps to overcome substance abuse

Our easy-to-use video kit provides all the necessary materials for running a successful training, including:

  • 15-minute Substance & Alcohol Abuse Training Video developed by industry professionals
  • Substance & Alcohol Abuse PowerPoint Presentation for classroom use
  • Printable documents, including:
    • Training outline
    • Compliance Manual
    • Completion Certificate & Wallet Cards / ID card
    • Attendance Log / Sign-In Form
    • Employee Quiz and Answer Key
    • Substance & Alcohol Abuse supplemental printouts

Course Outcomes

After completing this training, your employees will understand the importance of staying sober in the workplace and how to recognize substance abuse problems.

Who should take this course?

New and seasoned employees of all industries can benefit from this training. This training is also suitable for a refresher course and to train the trainer.

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