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National Photo Contest to Raise Heat Danger Awareness

OSHA is again sponsoring a photo contest to help raise awareness of the dangers of heat exposure. Excessive heat exposure, both indoors and outdoors, can be deadly. The goal is to highlight many effective strategies that protect workers from heat. OSHA hopes that seeing heat safety in action will encourage others to follow suit and protect workers.

Participation is open to any industry. Practically anyone can compete, including private citizens, associations, trade groups, individual businesses educational institutions, research organizations, non-profits, and unions. Each participant may submit up to five photos related to heat safety in the workplace.

Photo Ideas Include:

  • Photos of controls being used to protect workers.
  • Photos of shade structures that workers may be using for protection.
  • Photos that show workers using shade structures during the workday.
  • Photos of training and engagement around the topic of heat.
  • Photos of innovative ways workplaces are cooling workers (i.e., air-conditioned rooms, etc.). 
  • Photos of workers utilizing controls.
  • Photos of how employers are ensuring cold water access outdoors.

Participation Requirements:

  • Must promote heat safety in the workplace.
  • Must be original creations, not copied from or any other source, and under the submitter’s ownership and control. Contestant is responsible for getting authorization from the people captured in the photo to use and submit their image in OSHA’s contest and for OSHA’s use. See Written Consent from Personal Identifiable Information under Terms and Conditions below.
  • Photographs must not depict a violation of an OSHA standard, uncontrolled hazard, or any unsafe procedure or practice.
  • Photographs must not endorse or be perceived to endorse a commercial product or service. This includes but is not limited to the display of brand names or trademarks on any people, equipment, or other objects visible in the photograph. Note: OSHA reserves the right to alter any submitted image by blurring identifying brand names, trademarks and other third-party intellectual property.
  • Must submit web form.
  • Entries must be in one of the following formats (weblink, JPG, PNG, Word, PPT).
  • Contestants must acknowledge contest rules and provide contact information.

Contest Categories (2023):

  • Strongest Message
  • Most Innovative
  • Most Creative
  • Highlighting Indoor Heat Hazards
  • Best Non-English Submission

Judging Criteria:

  • Quality of photograph.
  • Suitability for possible use in OSHA publications.
  • Clarity of the safety and health information or “message” conveyed.
  • Originality 
  • Creativity 
  • Inclusion of workers, employer, or workplace imagery.

The photo contest is open now and will close on July 19, 2024. Submissions will be reviewed and announced in the summer. Sign up here to participate.

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