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Back & Lift Safety Tips 

Back Safety & Safe Lifting is Key

From labor-intensive construction jobs to digitally oriented office work, employees may face a daily risk of back injury. Various work hazards, including heavy loads and poor posture, can injure and hinder employees in any field. Workers should be well-informed about the potential health and safety hazards they may encounter daily. 

Workers with healthy backs can remain productive and effective in the workplace. NSC offers easy-to-use, OSHA-compliant safety solutions and packages for back safety and proper lifting procedures in any industry. 

Back Safety 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than one million workers suffer a work-related back industry each year. Back-related injuries can occur in manual labor-heavy work environments, such as construction and warehouse work. Workers in any industry may be at risk for back injuries due to poor posture. 

A work-related back injury can cause workers to miss time and hurt their productivity. Their place of work may struggle to replace them in the meantime, further hurting efficiency. 

Help your employees avoid back injuries and stay productive with our Back Safety Training Course. This training program can educate workers on the causes of back pain, safe lifting procedures, proper posture, and back anatomy to ensure safe transport of both worker and patient. 

Lift Safety 

Heavy items can be a significant occupational safety hazard. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported over 86,000 lifting-related work injuries in 2019. Like general back injuries, lift-related injuries can severely inhibit a company’s profitability. 

Proper lifting procedures are especially crucial when carrying and transporting heavy loads. Our Back Safety Training Bundle offers comprehensive video training and convenient booklets about safe lifting procedures. Minimize the risk of back injury in your workplace when handling heavy loads with our safety resources.  

Additional Materials 

Supervisors and managers can utilize various materials to implement safe lifting procedures in the workplace.  Video kits and training booklets can serve as comprehensive safety resources, while posters and handbooks can offer convenient, valuable reminders for your workers. Together, these pieces of media can promote and engender a safe, OSHA-compliant environment. 

Our Get Some Help Safety Poster is packaged with other back safety materials. Remind your workers to share the load while lifting, moving, and working with heavy items. Display this poster in a visible area, such as the breakroom, for best results. 

Rely on National Safety Compliance to build a thorough, OSHA-compliant, and safe work environment. Our Back Safety Training Bundle offers in-depth information on the back-related hazards discussed above. These materials can serve as a valuable resource for new hires. Use these resources to start building a safe workplace today. 

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