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Heavy equipment is crucial to keeping construction and industrial worksites running smoothly. However, without proper training, these workhorse vehicles and tools can lead to dangerous or fatal workplace accidents. Keep your employees safe while operating cranes, forklifts, power tools and more with OSHA-compliant training.

Confined Spaces Safety Training

Workplaces that include spaces with a size or layout that restricts your workers’ ability to move about, perform work or exit present unique hazards. This training covers an overview of Confined Space Safety that is complaint with OSHA standards and includes:

  • Definition of a confined space
  • Dangers of working in a confined space
  • Permit-required confined spaces
  • Personal protective equipment and emergency rescues

Electrical Safety Training

Electrical safety helps your employees understand the hazards and unseen dangers of electricity. This training complies with OSHA standards to address major topics of electrical safety, including:

  • Definitions and overview of how electricity works
  • Safety rules when handling electricity and what to do in an emergency
  • Electrical shock and injuries
  • Grounding
  • Using generators
  • Protective equipment and Lockout/Tagout

Eye Safety Training

Eye injuries on the job can be largely prevented with proper training and procedure. This training helps employees understand workplace hazards that can injure their eyes and how to protect themselves. This training is an overview that complies with the OSHA standards, including:

  • Workplace eye hazards
  • Assessing eye hazards
  • Eye safety protection program

Hearing Conservation Safety Training

Help employees understand how noise exposure can damage their hearing and how to protect themselves from workplace noise. This training covers major topics to help you comply with OSHA standards on hearing conservation, including:

  • Anatomy of the ear
  • Understanding the types of hearing loss
  • Evaluating noise exposure levels
  • Understanding the effects of noise exposure
  • Hearing conservation program
  • Methods for hearing protection

Heat Stress Safety Training

Hot workplace conditions can put workers at risk of not only heat-related illnesses, but also injuries from disorientation. This training helps your employees understand how to navigate and prevent workplace heat stress, with topics including:

  • Heat stress hazards prevention and protection
  • Understanding heat index