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Common Labor Law Poster Questions

What are Labor Law Posters and Who is required to display them?

Labor law posters display employment notices that are required by state and federal agencies. Failure to post required notices could result in penalties.

Each agency has its own requirements about who needs to display their notice. Some postings require at least one employee, and some require their notice to be displayed if an employer has more than 5.

It is recommended any employer with at least one employee clearly display State and Federal employment notices.

Note: Not all postings must be posted by all employers.

Where should Labor Law Posters be displayed?

State and Federal notices should be clearly displayed where they are easily visible to all employees. An employee breakroom is a good example.

When should I update or replace my Labor Law Posters?

Employers are required to always display the most up-to-date notices.

All labor law poster customers will automatically receive email notifications when a major change occurs to a State or Federal agencies posting.

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