Forklift Safety Training Video Kit

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By training your employees, you’ll reduce the risks of injury to employees or damage to property. Using our forklift safety training program will ensure all of your employees are operating your forklifts in the same manner. You can use this program to train as many employees as you’d like.

Forklift Safety Training Video Kit - English, DVD
Forklift Safety Training Video Kit - Spanish, DVD
Forklift Safety Training Video Kit - English, USB
Forklift Safety Training Video Kit - Spanish, USB
Forklift Safety Training Streaming Subscription - English
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Forklift Safety Training Streaming Subscription - Spanish
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Our forklift safety course training satisfies the OSHA requirements for classroom training for forklift operators in industrial, transportation, and warehouse industries.

Forklifts and other powered industrial trucks are a necessity for many companies. They are powerful tools that can save your company time and money. The qualities that make them useful also make them dangerous for both forklift drivers and the workers that perform duties in their vicinity. Most of these incidents can be prevented with proper training and retraining employees when necessary.

This OSHA  trainingvideo and program will highlight different areas of forklift safety rules and operation in general industry settings. It is imperative that employees fully understand all aspects of forklift operations, the different circumstances and situations regarding their work environment, and the exact type of forklift trucks they will be using.

Covers all topics needed to comply with classroom portion of the training regulations for OSHA forklift certification.

Forklift Operator Safety Training Class Topic Overview:

  • Forklift Types and Classes
  • Forklift Training Requirements
  • Forklift General Requirements
  • Power Sources
  • Inspections
  • Operations
  • Traveling
  • Loading
  • High Tiering
  • Truck Trailers and Railroad Cars
  • Tipover
  • Workplace Conditions

Our easy-to-use video kit provides all the necessary materials for running successful training class, including:

  • 25-minute training video developed by industry specialists
  • PowerPoint Presentation for classroom use
  • OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.178 content compliant
  • Printable documents, including:
    • Training outline
    • Compliance Manual
    • Completion Certificate & Wallet Cards / ID card
    • Attendance Log / Sign-in Form
    • Employee Quiz and Answer Key
    • Supplemental printouts including inspection lists

Click on the link for additional Forklift training products including employee training booklets and safety posters. We also have a training kit covering Forklift Load Stability.

Course Outcomes

After completing this training workers will be certified in the classroom portion of OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.178 and show a solid understanding of basic forklift operation and safety principles.

Who should take this course?

New construction employees who work with or near forklifts, and new forklift operators. This training is also suitable for use to train the trainer or for refresher training.

The following are free previews of the training videos:


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