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Video Safety Training is Cost-Efficient

Video safety training is the most cost-efficient method of training for today’s companies. Clear training is vital to keeping workers safe on the job. Similarly, a solid knowledge of safety practices relevant to the job is crucial. According to, a learner will only remember 10% of text content. Typically, they remember 65% of visual content. However, we remember 95% of audio-visual content.

Because it works, Video Training is here to stay. As a result, it is the new normal. Videos keep learners’ attention. Equally important, people enjoy videos. Actually, research confirms videos help companies train smarter.

OSHA-compliant training is essential for today’s businesses. The need for consistent material is abundant. Likewise, the safety of our employees depends on it. Additionally, in today’s world flexibility is necessary. Furthermore, the ability to include on-site and remote workers is a benefit of this type of training.

Video-based learning is quickly becoming a basic training need. In essence, employees benefit from watching a video. In fact, according to Forrester Research, employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read materials. Video training ensures uniformity of information presented. This is essential for safety in the workplace.

10 reasons to choose video-based training:

  1. Videos are persuasive
  2. Videos are effective and engaging
  3. Increased information retention
  4. Video supports teaching at the moment of need
  5. It is flexible and accessible
  6. Addresses the different learning styles
  7. Video is a cost-effective solution
  8. Video training boosts work productivity
  9. Videos can extend training across internal and off-site employees
  10. Video training ensures consistency in safety training materials

As shown above, Safety training must be uniformly taught. In addition, consistency in training employees according to OSHA standards is critical. This should not be taken lightly. With this in mind, we offer OSHA-compliant materials that cover everything you need for training compliance.

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