Office Safety Safety Game

Office employees may not work on the plant floor or in the warehouse, but safety is just as much a part of their job as it is for more industrial positions. Office accidents and injuries account for thousands of hours of lost time and millions of dollars in Worker’s Compensation each year.

Our training game on Office Safety reinforces good safety attitudes and techniques for keeping all workers safe from workplace hazards.

Office Safety Game Topics

  • Safety awareness
  • Safety housekeeping
  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Electrical safety

Eye Care Safety Game

Most take healthy eyes for granted but eye injuries are a common occurrence in the workplace. Eye injuries can often be avoided with proper protective equipment and environmental awareness.

This interactive game will help your workers utilize their training in vision care and eye safety to better drive home the skills they’ve gained from class.

Eye Care Safety Game Topic Overview

  • Who is affected by eye problems and how
  • How eyes function
  • Eyestrain prevention
  • Wearing contact lenses at work
  • Physical and radiation hazards, and personal protective equipment

Office Ergonomics Safety Game

Every job makes a different set of demands on the body. Today, the issue of how this impacts employees, and what can be done to reduce or eliminate adverse effects is receiving a lot of attention. By using proper ergonomic techniques, employees can be safer and more productive, prevent stress injuries, and feel better at the end of the day.

Our training game on Office Ergonomics reinforces good posture and safety principles, including how to recognize ergonomic problems, the potential of adverse effects and practical solutions employees themselves can use to help deal with ergonomic problems in the office.

Office Ergonomics Safety Game Topics

  • Physiology of the body
  • Parts of the body most affected
  • Eye strain
  • Pragmatic preventative measures
  • Correct use of office equipment
  • Exercises and stress release

Personal Protective Equipment Safety Game

On-the-job injuries affect all types of people doing all types of work. Each year over 570,000 workers are injured at a cost to employers of over $100 billion annually. Government surveys show that the most common cause of workplace injuries today is due to employees not using proper personal protective equipment (PPE). Virtually everyone will experience one or more injuries during their working life. In most cases appropriate equipment is readily available, yet employees do not recognize the need for this equipment or take the time to use it.

This interactive training game on personal protective equipment (PPE) was specifically created to help facilities comply with OSHA’s standard on Personal Protective Equipment and help your workers utilize the safety gear available to them.

Personal Protective Equipment Safety Game Topics Overview

  • PPE for eye and face hazards
  • PPE for respiratory hazards
  • PPE for head hazards
  • PPE for foot hazards
  • PPE for electrical hazards
  • PPE for hand and finger hazards

Respiratory Protection Safety Game

One of the problems with many respiratory hazards (such as fumes or gases) is that employees cannot easily “see” them. Even more visible hazards, such as dusts, are often accepted as part of a “normal” work environment. As a result, many respiratory problems only become clearly evident well after the original exposure. Yet once they occur, most respiratory problems are “chronic” and long lasting. To further protect employees from these hazards, both OSHA and NIOSH have issued changes to their respiratory protection requirements.

NSC’s training products on “Respiratory Protection and Safety” have been specifically created to assist facilities in complying with OSHAs Respiratory Standard.

Respiratory Protection Safety Game Topics Overview

  • How the respiratory system works
  • Common types and causes of respiratory hazards
  • Potential effects of respiratory hazards
  • Good respiratory safety practices
  • Respiratory safety equipment
  • OSHA’s Assigned Protection Factors for respirators

Right-to-Know / Hazcom Safety Game

Created specifically to assist auto service facilities of all types in complying with federal, state and municipal Right-To-Know/HAZCOM regulations, this game also addresses the major education and training requirements in these chemical hazard laws.

This Right-To-Know/HAZCOM Safety game both introduces employees to the “Right-To-Know/HAZCOM” regulations and provide training on the various types of chemicals found in auto service environments.

Safety Audits Safety Game

Workplace accidents can be devastating for your employees and your business. It’s an employer’s responsibility to protect their workers and provide a safe work area. One way this is done is through safety audits. This is an examination of the workspace in an effort to identify, remove, or correct potential hazards.

Our training safety game on Safety Audits will help your employees understand the importance of these audits and help them get involved. 

Safety Audit Safety Game Topic Overview

  • A workplace analysis
  • Administrative controls
  • Engineering controls
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Emergency response procedures
  • Regulatory compliance, safety, and health training
  • Accident investigation
  • A safety self-assessment

Safety Orientation Safety Game

Thinking about safety should be as natural as thinking about other aspects of the job. Employees should be able to anticipate the possibility of accidents before they happen. Yet workplace accidents cause millions of people to suffer painful injuries every year, and cost business almost $90 billion per year in medical bills, lost wages and lost production time.

NSC’s training safety game on “Safety Orientation” addresses two of the most prominent safety issues confronting employers today… that of developing a good “safety attitude” in their employees, as well as providing “introductory safety training.”

Safety Orientation Safety Game Topic Overview

  • Developing “safety awareness”
  • Basics of accident prevention
  • Hazard evaluation
  • Safety housekeeping
  • Tool use and maintenance
  • Fire prevention and safety
  • Use of personal protective equipment

Slips, Trips, & Falls Safety Game

Most employees don’t give much thought to the prospect of slipping, tripping or even falling on the job. Yet these types of accidents account for more workplace injuries annually than any other accident category. Many of these injuries can be disabling… or even fatal.

NSC’s training safety game on “Slips, Trips and Falls” shows employees the situations that can lead to slips, trips and falls, and what they can do to avoid or prevent these accidents.

Slips, Trips, & Falls Safety Game Topic Overview

  • Why slips, trips and falls occur
  • Common causes of accidents
  • Potential health effects of resulting injuries
  • Techniques used to avoid injury
  • The importance of safety shoes
  • How to fall safely

Workplace Violence Safety Game

One out of every six violent crimes occurs in the workplace. No organization, regardless of size or type of business, is immune to violence. Our safety training game on workplace violence will help your employees navigate these difficult situations by allowing them to recognize warning signs of violent behavior and mediate potentially dangerous situations.

Workplace Violence Safety Game Topic Overview

  • Underlying causes of workplace violence
  • The warning signs
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Threats and verbal abuse
  • Sexual harassment
  • Physical assault
  • Armed assailants
  • Fostering a positive workplace environment