Workplace Violence MP4 Licensing

From $149.00 / year

Our MP4 licensing format is perfect for those who wish to view the training video on your existing company system. MP4 videos are well positioned to seamlessly integrate into a pre-existing Learning Management Software or intranet system. The MP4 licensing options vary based on how many employees your company has. All MP4 licenses are subscription-based and will automatically renew annually. We license this MP4 format to you with the signing of an agreement which will be provided to you for download once you have placed your order. You can preview this agreement here and during checkout.

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English, Spanish

Number of employees

Up to 50 – $149, Up to 100 – $249, Up to 200 – $349, Up to 500 – $449, Up to 1000 – $549, More than 1000 employees – $649


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