Respiratory Protection Safety Game


Remind your workers of the importance of respiratory protection with this safety game.


One of the problems with many respiratory hazards (such as fumes or gases) is that employees cannot easily “see” them. Even more visible hazards, such as dusts, are often accepted as part of a “normal” work environment. As a result, many respiratory problems only become clearly evident well after the original exposure. Yet once they occur, most respiratory problems are “chronic” and long lasting. To further protect employees from these hazards, both OSHA and NIOSH have issued changes to their respiratory protection requirements.

NSC’s training products on “Respiratory Protection and Safety” have been specifically created to assist facilities in complying with OSHAs Respiratory Standard.

Respiratory Protection Safety Game Topics Overview

  • How the respiratory system works
  • Common types and causes of respiratory hazards
  • Potential effects of respiratory hazards
  • Good respiratory safety practices
  • Respiratory safety equipment
  • OSHA’s Assigned Protection Factors for respirators

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