Lockout/Tagout-Control of Hazardous Energy Training Video Kit


This training will cover proper lockout tagout guidance and hazardous energy controls, which are a critical part of any workplace safety plan.

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1-9 $219.00 $219.00 $219.00
10-19 $219.00 $205.00 $205.00
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Each year many accidents are caused by the accidental release of hazardous energy during machine maintenance. These accidents have resulted in serious injuries and even death. One major cause of such accidents is the unexpected start-up of equipment during maintenance or servicing. Employees know during normal operations that energy is being supplied to the equipment and to follow proper safety rules. When shut down for maintenance or repairs though, employees expect the energy flow to the equipment to be interrupted, disconnected, or shut-off. LOTO, also known as Lockout Tagout addresses this issue. When an unexpected release of stored energy during servicing or maintenance is released, it can lead to serious consequences. This training will help your employees understand the risks of hazardous energy, the responsibilities of authorized employees, and how lockout/tagout can be safely implemented. This training covers OSHA compliant information on lockout/tagout procedures and works well in conjunction with a robust hazardous energy plan.

Lockout Tagout Training Class Topic Overview:

  • What is lockout/tagout
  • Training of lockout/tagout procedures
  • Authorized employees
  • Affected employees
  • Standards for locks and tags
  • Procedures for lockout/tagout
  • Procedures before locks and tags removed
  • Procedures for special lockout/tagout occasions

Our easy-to-use video kit provides all the necessary materials for running successful training class, including:

  • 14 Minute Lockout/Tagout – Control of Hazardous Energy Safety Training Video
  • Lockout Tagout Hazardous Energy Control PowerPoint Presentation for classroom use
  • OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.147 compliant content
  • Printable documents, including:
    • Training outline
    • Compliance Manual
    • Completion Certificate & Wallet Cards / ID card
    • Attendance Log / Sign-In Form
    • Employee Quiz and Answer Key
    • Lockout / Tagout Supplemental Documents

Course Outcomes

After completing this training, workers will be certified in the OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.147 and should understand hazardous energy controls in the workplace and how lockout/tagout procedures function to keep them and their coworkers safe.

Who should take this course?

Any employee who works in maintenance, housekeeping, manufacturing, construction, warehouse, or in any field where they work with, close to or repair machinery or gas lines. This training is also suitable for management and supervisors to use when developing or updating their hazardous energy plan, to use for refresher training or to train the trainer.

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