Group General Lockout Kit for Electrical


This Master brand Group General Lockout Kit for Electrical comes stocked with all the major locking devices you need to lockout / tagout varying electrical devices and equipment.

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The proper tools are one of the key components to adhering to a safe, successful and OSHA compliant lockout / tagout (LOTO) Hazardous Energy Plan.

This Master brand Group General Lockout Kit for Electrical contains devices that cover, clamp onto, or fit between toggles, switches, and outlets to prevent operation of electrical equipment during periods of work and maintenance.

This lockout kit is suitable for electricians, engineers, and other maintenance teams who work with or near electrical devices and equipment. It contains several of the main types of lockout devices, including breaker toggles and switch covers. These devices are placed over the operational part of the breaker or switch and safely kept in place with padlocks or hasps.

This kit includes a 1458 Portable Safety Organizer Kit  containing:

  • 6-LO410RED Zenexa padlocks, keyed different
  • 2-LO7C5RED breaker switch padlocks, keyed different
  • 1-LO420 lockout hasp
  • 1-LO427 snap-on red hasp
  • 1-LOS806 adjustable cable lockout
  • 1-LO487 small electrical plug cover
  • 1-LO488 large electrical plug cover
  • 2-LO491B Grip Tight Lockout device for wide or tall breaker toggles
  • 4-LO493B Grip Tight lockout device for standard size breaker toggles
  • 2-LO496B Universal wall switch cover for toggle and paddle switches
  • 2 bags of 12 each-LO497A Danger Tags (24 total)