Emergency Planning Safety Game


Practice crisis management and emergency preparedness in this interactive safety game.


Emergencies can strike at any moment. In a crisis, it is important for a plan to be in place so that each member of your staff can spring into action to prevent property loss, injuries, or loss of life. This interactive game will help your workers utilize their training in crisis management and emergency preparedness to better drive home the skills they’ve gained from class.

Emergency Planning Safety Game Topic Overview

  • Causes and effects of emergencies
  • Preventing the “Domino Effect”
  • Creating an Emergency Plan
  • The “crisis management team”
  • The role of outside agencies
  • Warning sirens and alarms
  • Evacuation
  • Using the “Fire and Explosion Planning Matrix”
  • Practice sessions and drills

Additional information

Weight0.4 lbs
Dimensions12 × 9 × 3 in

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