Electrical Lockout Pouch


This Master brand Electrical Lockout Pouch provides a user with their own wearable pouch containing devices needed for an urgent or unexpected lockout / tagout situation with electrical devices or equipment.


The proper tools are one of the key components to adhering to a safe, successful and OSHA compliant lockout / tagout (LOTO) Hazardous Energy Plan.

This Master brand Electrical Lockout Pouch contains lockout / tagout devices that may be needed for immediate personal access in an unexpected situation by users such as electricians or engineers. This pouch includes numerous lockout / tagout equipment, such as a padlock, hasp, lockout devices for breaker toggles, and danger tags, so that a user may quickly secure a number of potentially urgent situations.

This kit includes a 1456 safety lockout pouch containing:

  • 1-LO410RED Zenexa padlock
  • 1-LO7C5RED Circuit Break Lockout lock
  • 1-LO420 Lockout Hasp
  • 2-LO493B Grip Tight Lockout devices for standard size breaker toggles
  • 1-LO491B Circuit Breaker Lockout for wide or tall breaker toggles
  • 1 bag of 12-LO497A Danger Tags