Accident Investigation Safety Game


Learn the best practices of accident investigation through an interactive game.

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In spite of our best efforts, accidents in the workplace occur. We may be inclined to think that “accidents will happen,” and in a small number of cases this is true, but for many incidents they could have been prevented. If an accident has no obvious cause, it’s important to conduct a thorough accident investigation to learn where the shortcomings occurred and how to correct them.

This interactive game will help your workers utilize their training in accident investigation to better drive home the skills they’ve gained from class.

Accident Investigation Safety Game Topic Overview

  • The goals of an accident investigation
  • Securing an accident scene
  • “Root-cause” analysis
  • The importance of investigative interviews
  • Assisting in an accident investigation
  • Reporting the “near misses”
  • The role of policies, equipment and training on accident prevention

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