We’re dedicated to keeping your workplaces safe and compliant. Whether it’s common work procedures, emergency planning or forklift training we update our training materials to reflect new regulations and best practices.

Electrical Standards & Regulations

National Safety Compliance has published this Electrical Safety Standards and Regulations book to provide the federal regulations and standards for workers who need to know these to remain safe in their workplace. NSC has compiled and edited these OSHA Regulations and Standards into an easy-to-read format for simple referencing by supervisors or employees.

Sexual Harassment: Managers Training

Management has an important role of keeping the workplace safe from not only physical harm, but emotional as well. This training will help managers recognize toxic workplace behavior and understand how to handle delicate situations between staff. Most people are familiar with the issue of Sexual Harassment. While many employees often joke about the issue, it is a very serious problem for employers. The number of sexual harassment cases reported each year to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is alarmingly high. Sexual harassment can be very detrimental to the company, its employees and to the employee’s family and friends.

Sexual Harassment: Employees Training

Sexual harassment is a serious workplace issue that can lead to a toxic environment if left unchecked. This training will encourage positive workplace attitudes and foster understanding of how to recognize improper behavior. It is the employer’s responsibility to provide a workplace that is protected from health and safety hazards to the greatest extent possible. While we often focus on physical hazards, emotional toxicity can be just as harmful.

Forklift Load Stability Training

Forklifts are used in a variety of different settings. They can be used to move, raise, and lower large objects, pallets, crates, or other containers. As with any equipment or tool, there are many possible hazards associated with their use. Exceeding the capacity of the forklift presents serious hazards such as tip-overs, falling loads, loss of steering control, collision, and being struck by a falling load. A forklift’s capacity is the manufacturer’s guideline for how much weight the forklift can safely lift.

HIPAA Privacy & Security Rules

The HIPAA Privacy & Security Rules state a covered entity must train all members of its workforce on the policies and procedures with respect to protected healthcare information. Training must be documented to show it was completed and must be provided within a reasonable time to all new employees of a covered entity or employees at a covered entity whose functions are affected by a material change to the policies or procedures of HIPAA.