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Keeping Up With Labor Law Changes Is Challenging

This has been a busy year for keeping up to date with labor laws. In addition to the run-of-the-mill minimum wage increases that happen fairly regularly, 2022 had an unusual number of new required postings. It is quite challenging to watch legislatures and stay in the know about new laws and updates to old laws that require employers to notify their employees of their rights and protections. It is especially difficult for businesses in multiple locations. At NSC we work hard to keep our labor law posters up to date so you don’t have to try to monitor them yourself.

This year, the Federal “EEO is the Law” poster had a major update that included a new title. It is now titled “Know Your Rights: Workplace Discrimination is Illegal.” This poster is prepared by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and summarizes the federal laws prohibiting job discrimination based on a long list of factors. The update clarifies what is included in sex discrimination, details that harassment is a form of discrimination, and gives information about equal pay discrimination for federal contractors. In addition, the new poster includes a QR code that links to the EEOC webpage for filing discrimination charges. This poster is also required to be posted by all federal contractors.

If it seems like there are more and more requirements to keep up with each year, it’s because there are! Along with the major update on the Federal level, several states have added brand new mandatory notices in 2022 and upcoming in 2023 to their labor law requirements. These new posters include everything from pregnancy accommodations and domestic violence resources to whistleblower protections and electronic monitoring notifications. Seizure first aid and paid sick and family leave are also among the new required postings.

States with New Required Posters

States from coast to coast have been energetic in updating their required notices in 2022. These changes vary from state to state; however, most of the updates coming in early 2023 are related to minimum wage but there are also a few paid leave updates coming soon.

States with Recent and Upcoming Labor Law Updates Include:

As you can easily see, the task of monitoring labor law posting requirements can easily become too much in addition to all the other responsibilities of running a business. You don’t have to do it alone, with our Poster Subscription Plan we offer an easy and affordable way to stay compliant throughout the year. Any time a mandatory change occurs to one of your plan-covered posters, we will ship you a free updated poster while your Poster Subscription Plan is active. Simply discard the old poster and display the new one. Purchase the Poster Subscription Plan option with your Labor Law poster purchase and leave the compliance to us.  In addition, the plan renews annually and we ship a new set of posters annually so you continue to stay in compliance. Simple. Easy. Compliant.

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