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Emergency Planning

Emergency Preparedness Month


With little or no warning an emergency or disaster can strike. OSHA defines a workplace emergency as a situation which threatens workers, customers, or the public; disrupts or shuts down operations; or causes physical or environmental damage.  According to an article written by the National Safety Council, in 2017 there were 59,985 weather events resulting in 592 deaths and 4,270 injuries.

Employers and employees should be prepared to deal with such situations and plan how to respond. The best way is to prepare a response before an emergency occurs.  That is why the National Safety Council has chosen Emergency Preparedness as their Safety Spotlight topic for the month of May.  It can be difficult to think clearly and logically during a crisis situation.  Preparing before an emergency event occurs plays a vital role in ensuring employers and employees have the right equipment, know where to go when it happens and know how to keep safe.  Being prepared saves lives and prevents injuries.
NSC1910FrontCover 2Creating an Emergency Action Plan for your business or organization will help provide a safe place for employees.  Organizations with 11 or more employees are required by OSHA to have a written Emergency Action Plan and to post it in an easily accessible location.
National Safety Compliance can help you with our new Emergency Planning Training program which includes the training video, PowerPoint presentation, Emergency Action Plan manual, and printable items such as employee quiz & answer key, employee training certificate, program outline and other items.  The training program covers the following aspects of an Emergency Action Plan:

  • Development and implementation
  • Training and plan reviewemergency_planning_training_kd19-111
  • Evacuation elements
  • Fight or flee
  • Fire, rescue and medical services
  • Reporting emergencies
  • Medical surveillance
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